Thank you Eli. You have created many thinkers. We may not match up to your standards. But you have taken us very far from where we started off. Your work will continue to live even though you have bid adieu.


The World has lost a Goal. Farewell Dear Teacher!!

Thank you so much for your writings and thoughts. In many ways they influenced me and my work. Thank you for sharing your most precious. I had an opportunity to meet your son in Bangalore. I think through him I met you. Your writings will always inspire and live within me. Farewell.


Vinod Subramanian

Discovering the Goal

About 5 years ago, i was presented with a book “The Goal”. I never thinked that a single reading could change my vision and my life.

Elì was a jonah for me and through the book (and all the others that i have read since them) guide my and my life through a process of ongoing improvement.

Now i know that Elì will never give me new advices and i’m sad, i have lost a friend someone that with silence and few words can give you an help when you are blocked and now one seems to understand you.

Your vision will help the worlds to be a better place and i thank you for all you have done.

I wish your family could recover from this event and continue their life because as you explained us life is an important continuos process of improving everythig, even our soul.

Good bye Elì

A sad loss

Whilst I never met Eli Goldratt I was greatly inspired by his work and truly original thoughts and practical applications. These have benefitted those who worked with him and those of us who took the time to learn from him.

I always looked forward to the TOC newletters so that I could gain yet another pearl of wisdom from Eli Goldratt. TOC must go on and the legacy he has set I am sure will continue.

My condolences to the family and all those who were close to him.

Chris Mackenzie-Grieve

Genius don’t leave the world actually..they are immortal

Dear Eli,

Genius & Courageous like you never leave this world..

I am one of few who got opportunity to learn TOC concepts and deeply appreciate the simplicity that you brought to this business world. I will keep on feeling unlucky for not able to personally see you, meet you and know that will not happen now.. But nevertheless promise you to do my small bits to help out businesses to enjoy fruits of TOC benefits.


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Dr. Goldratt’s influence on HydraForce

I had become a student of Dr Edwards Deming in the late 70′s. Trying to implement some of his philosophies as a plant manager for a large fortune 50 company got me fired in the early 80′s. At the time I was fired myself and 2 other people decided to start our own business and dedicate ourselves to running the business “the right way.” To bridge the gap between my last job and our own start up I took a job with a small company where I had the freedom to implement my own management style. For about 3 years I struggled trying to turn the Deming philosophy into a manufacturing execution plan for the shop floor. About a month before we were going to launch our business I discovered Dr Goldratt’s book “The Goal.” As I read the book over the next several days I realized that the TOC was the perfect execution strategy to use and that the Deming philosophy and the Goldratt philosophy were complimentary. We launched our business in April of 1985 with 3 employees designing and manufacturing hydraulic cartridge valves . At the time we had identified 37 competitors world wide. In 1988 I attended Dr. Goldratt’s seminar in Rosemont, Illinois and personally met the Doctor. In 1998 we became the largest producer of hydraulic cartridge valves in the world and today employ almost 900 people with manufacturing plants in Lincolnshire, Illinois, Birmingham, England and in the fall we will open our 3rd in Changzhou, China to serve the Asian market. We have been using the Theory of Constraints for 26 years and have trained hundreds of our employees. We have a “Goal” study group about once a quarter where we have put together a group of about 25 employees and read “The Goal.” We read 5 or 6 chapters a week and then have a 1 hour round table discussion where we discuss how we can apply what we have learned from the reading during the week. I have personally read the book 15 to 20 times and pick new stuff every time I do. I personally lead the discussion groups and always find them enlightening. How has it impacted our business besides supported unpresidented growth in our industry? How about 18 consecutive years with no price increase of any kind? And I mean none, no surcharges nothing. How about a profit sharing program that has allowed our employees to buy stock in our privately held company that now has an ESOP value of over $20 million? How about an employee turnover rate of less than 1% for the last 15 years? I could go on and on but all the benefits associated with the Theory of Constraints are unknown and unknowable. Thank you so much Dr. Goldratt and may you rest in peace knowing that you have trully made this world a better place.

Earn our livings and our life

Dear Mr. Goldratt,

It’s a very very good experience when I read your book “The Goal”. After that, I tried best to read all your other books (for me, this is not normal as I don’t really like reading so much). It’s not just the theory of constraint that’s very inspiring. It’s also the definition of “Throughput”, “Inventory” and “Operating Expenses” that provided me excellent insights both at work as well as in my life.

I thought of “Throughput” being things (both tangible and intangible) that we provide others which in return we earn our livings and our life. It’s a life long continuous improvement programme.

Eventhough we never met each other, you have inspired me a lot and I’m sure you have also inspired thousands of people not just about business, … more important it’s about life.

May I wish your family, friends and readers a peaceful life full of grace.

When a great teacher is leaving us…

When a great teacher of us goes, it leaves a gap in our hearts.
This gap hurts us very much because we miss him today and tomorrow.
But the teacher has left us a gift, the gift of his knowledge and his great spirit.
The gap will close one day, when we carry out the gift of his knowledge in the world.
Through his knowledge, our teachers live on in us and our hearts.

In union with the family and the global community Goldratt.
Lars from Germany

From the friends in Europe

Eli Goldratt

We, at GIG-Europe feel that we lose our spiritual father. Some of us are working with him and TOC since the beginning of the eighties of the last century; some of us are relatively new to this movement. All of us share the passion to improve ourselves and our environment based on the logical and emotional thinking we learned from Eli. He inspired us not to retreat and to believe that always there is a solution to problems that seem unsolvable. We all will miss him for very long time.


I recently read about the sad demise of Dr Goldratt. I am so so sorry to hear that.

I never had the opportunity to meet him but I am aware of the kind of impact his work made on lives of so many people. I am sure that he will be profoundly missed. May he rest in peace.



P Shukla


What an immense loss! Let me pass to you my sincere condolences for losing your friend and great source of inspiration, and of course for Eli’s relatives and friends.

Thank you for letting me know.

And let me know if there is anything we as GIGAN can contribute to his honor and memory.

Kind regards,

Oscar Van Hemel


This news makes un-numerable orphans across the world.

Let’s share our thoughts.

Thank you.



Jean-Claude Miremont []


It was not unexpected but still a chock for me.
I did not feel well the whole day. I am very grateful for having known
Eli just a little bit. I am even more grateful for the opportunity to implement
his theory.

I have burned a candle and prayed for Eli with a heartfelt gratitude and admiration.

Regards Peter

Jens-Peter W. []


Although expected it will always be strange to lose somebody so close.

It will be strange to travel back to Israel for 2 so different events as a funeral and a wedding.

Annemieke and Jan Willem

GIG Nederland Annemieke van herpt


I’m very sorry to hear this sad news! A remarkable man has passed away.

My condolences to you.

Kind regards,


Krommendijk, Edwin []


What a sad news.

My sincere condolences to you and all those
around you who were close to him.
Erwin Duurland

Erwin Duurland []



Still looking for simplicity

Thank You Eli