Saddened by the loss

Thankyou for sharing your theories, thoughts and aspirations on improving business and indeed the world. Your books influenced me and so many around me at work.

Your legacy will be the millions of people around the world that will continue and achieve improvements in businesses and their personal situations because of your “Goal”.

A sad time.

Gavin Clegg

Rest in peace

I was introduced to TOC through education, helped develop and produce the software program and then took TOC into my life and taught it to my son. I still teach it today helping kids learn easier and better. I am saddened that Eli has passed on but his legacy will remain and in that i will find comfort.

To his family my condolences, and to all other TOC supporters ‘Let’s keep the dream going’


I approached TOC after I read the book of <The Goal> written by Doc. Eligoldratt. It is much helpful for my work.

This theory is useful in our day to day manufactory management.


I pray for those whose Dad is no longer on earth but with the Heavenly Father. I pray particularly for Rami and Efrat Goldratt and their siblings on this first Father’s Day without the physical presence of their dear Abba. Shalom.

Eli and his influence on the efforst for Scottish Independence

Eli’s teachings and philosophy have touched all corners of the globe, and helped all kinds of issues and matters, from business to the philosophical.

His processes have been used to great effect to meet the challenges and opportunities that face Scotland and its drive towards full independence and to be a full partner-nation with others on the world stage.

Check out this obituary piece written by Jim Mather, Scotland recent former Enterprise Minister at the Scottish Government:

In dankbarer Erinnerung an Dr. Eli Goldratt

Dr. Eli Goldratt hat meine persönliche Entwicklung nachhaltig beeinflusst und mein Berufsleben als Unternehmensberater wesentlich wertvoller gemacht.

Dr. Goldratt hat die „Naturgesetze des Erfolges“ GEFUNDEN und nicht ERFUNDEN. Sein wesentlicher Verdienst ist, dass er diese „Naturgesetze des Erfolgs“ in Form der Theorie of Constraints (TOC) für alle Verantwortung tragende Menschen reproduzierbar gemacht hat.

Aus meiner Erfahrung kann ich bestätigen, dass die langfristig wirklich erfolgreichen Unternehmen diese „Naturgesetze des Erfolgs“ anwenden, unabhängig davon, ob sie von TOC schon etwas gehört haben oder nicht.

Das Lebenswerk von Dr. Goldratt wird weiterleben, weil seine „Schüler“ die Denkweise von Dr. Goldratt an Menschen weitergeben und dadurch einen wesentlichen Beitrag für ein besseres und erfolgreicheres Zusammenleben von Organisationen und Menschen schaffen.

Ich bin dankbar, dass ich Dr. Eli Goldratt persönlich kennenlernen durfte.

Meinen Dank werde ich dadurch ausdrücken, in dem ich die Denkprozesse von TOC noch intensiver studieren werde, um die „Naturgesetze des Erfolgs“ den Menschen in meiner Heimat Österreich überzeugend vermitteln zu können.

Fritz Veitsberger

Fürstenfeld/Österreich 20.06.2011

A Tribute to my ‘Master’

I am deeply saddened to hear about Eli’s passing away. Often in the past, we have used terms & phrases like ‘irreparable loss’ & ‘leaves behind a void that can’t be filled up’ etc – but, never before, have these phrases described a loss, as accurately & authentically as in Eli’s case.

That’s because Eli was truly unique – in his mental sharpness, in the trinity of energy-commitment- passion levels at which he operated, in his resonant, inspirational & crystal clear communication style.

Eli will be fondly remembered & revered for his momentous creation- TOC.

I still vividly remember that day, a decade back, when I got initiated into Eli’s World & to the World of TOC – I started on my TOC journey then, by investing in the set of 8 SLP CDs.

Ten years down the road, I can say with deep satisfaction that ‘constraint identification’ & ‘conflict resolution’ using the Evaporating Cloud technology, has become second nature to me – in dealing with the business problems that I undertake to solve as a management consultant & more importantly in dealing with my various ‘life issues & challenges’. On countless occasions, I have found myself expressing my deep sense of gratitude to Eli- each time I got unstuck & figured out my ‘next step[s]’ using the ‘Cloud’. Through TOC, Eli will continue to live for me & with me, all the way…..

In my life so far, I have been positively influenced by many luminaries in diverse fields of spirituality, management, life effectiveness etc. If someone was to ask me if I have ‘a Master’, ‘a Guru’, I would say ‘Yes, I have & that’s Eli Goldratt’.

God bless his soul & his creation TOC….

Deepak Sethi, India

Message from Poland

How much it hurts when a man leaves creating a reality to which they
so much wanted to belong. To his memory, let us work the same way as
Eli would like because of the fruits of our work will benefit others, as we use the fruits of his work.

Yours sincerely
Dariusz Rycek

Thank you

I have read and re-read Mr. Goldratt’s teachings for many years. No one has had quite the influence on me that he has.

Thank you, Eli. Rest in peace.

Don Essex

Eli inspired my career

I was just starting out back in the States – by day, working in the IT department of a hospital, and at night plowing through my MSc. Somehow, I got a hold of Critical Chain when it just came out – and it changed my life. The beauty of the logic of Eli’s approach grabbed me and project management became my passion and my career. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to meet Eli a couple of years ago and to tell him that in person.