TOC at Iowa State

I met Eli in Skokie, Illinois in November, 1994 when The Play was being presented. This was the start of a new career for me. In 1996 I met David Bergland when he became an endowed chair Professor at Iowa State. He and his endowed chair budget supported my training to teach MSW, production, distribution, and critical chain. I have taught these courses since Fall 1997. The last will be in May 2012.

I am really grateful to Eli for the body of knowledge that has enabled me to teach the TOC courses. I get responses from students about TOC fairly often. I believe they are trying to use the tools in their work but have no measurable data.

The most significant event for me was in a discussion with Eli. I asked him if reducing variation to zero (theoretically) would reduce the 5 Focusing Steps to the Simplex Method of Linear Programming. He thought for awhile and responded that this was true. He added, “The 5 Focusing Steps are the foundation of Theory of Constraints.”

I will miss the opportunity to see him, hear him speak, and have a chat with him. I express my sympathy to Rami and Efrat. He will always be remembered.

About Howard Meeks

I am an Associate Professor in Industrial Engineering at Iowa State University. I have been there since 1970 and have taught only TOC courses since 1997.

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