Monthly Archives: July 2011

Eli Lives

No one really dies or “passes away” as long as their influence on our world through their enduring ideas remain. The genius that inspired me in my early lean and six sigma training will be a gift for generations of … Continue reading

A great teacher

I was attending a class while with PricewaterhouseCoopers and never forgot how much impact his teaching had on consultants and those within industry. He will be missed. Gary G. Olson

Just a huge man….

Todos los que lo seguimos, vamos a extrañarlo infinitamente. Sin duda cambio mi vida, y mi forma de ver las relaciones entre las cosas y los procesos ….. Simplemente gracias … Just Thanks, for all you give to me. Marcelo … Continue reading

Nekredeble kiel libroj povas ŝanĝi vivojn ! Dankon.

Dankon pro la senlaca instruado al ni kiel klare pensi. Viaj ideoj kongruas kun tutmonda homara komunikado per Esperanto, kaj ankaŭ por lingvo instruado DBR taŭgas. Merci pour cette inépuisable enseignement à penser juste. Vos idées sont cohérentes avec le … Continue reading

TOC at Iowa State

I met Eli in Skokie, Illinois in November, 1994 when The Play was being presented. This was the start of a new career for me. In 1996 I met David Bergland when he became an endowed chair Professor at Iowa … Continue reading