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In dankbarer Erinnerung an Dr. Eli Goldratt

Dr. Eli Goldratt hat meine persönliche Entwicklung nachhaltig beeinflusst und mein Berufsleben als Unternehmensberater wesentlich wertvoller gemacht. Dr. Goldratt hat die „Naturgesetze des Erfolges“ GEFUNDEN und nicht ERFUNDEN. Sein wesentlicher Verdienst ist, dass er diese „Naturgesetze des Erfolgs“ in Form … Continue reading

A Tribute to my ‘Master’

I am deeply saddened to hear about Eli’s passing away. Often in the past, we have used terms & phrases like ‘irreparable loss’ & ‘leaves behind a void that can’t be filled up’ etc – but, never before, have these … Continue reading

Message from Poland

How much it hurts when a man leaves creating a reality to which they so much wanted to belong. To his memory, let us work the same way as Eli would like because of the fruits of our work will … Continue reading

Thank you

I have read and re-read Mr. Goldratt’s teachings for many years. No one has had quite the influence on me that he has. Thank you, Eli. Rest in peace. Don Essex

Eli inspired my career

I was just starting out back in the States – by day, working in the IT department of a hospital, and at night plowing through my MSc. Somehow, I got a hold of Critical Chain when it just came out … Continue reading

Thank you Eli. You have created many thinkers. We may not match up to your standards. But you have taken us very far from where we started off. Your work will continue to live even though you have bid adieu. … Continue reading

The World has lost a Goal. Farewell Dear Teacher!!

Thank you so much for your writings and thoughts. In many ways they influenced me and my work. Thank you for sharing your most precious. I had an opportunity to meet your son in Bangalore. I think through him I … Continue reading

Discovering the Goal

About 5 years ago, i was presented with a book “The Goal”. I never thinked that a single reading could change my vision and my life. Elì was a jonah for me and through the book (and all the others … Continue reading

A sad loss

Whilst I never met Eli Goldratt I was greatly inspired by his work and truly original thoughts and practical applications. These have benefitted those who worked with him and those of us who took the time to learn from him. … Continue reading

Genius don’t leave the world actually..they are immortal

Dear Eli, Genius & Courageous like you never leave this world.. I am one of few who got opportunity to learn TOC concepts and deeply appreciate the simplicity that you brought to this business world. I will keep on feeling … Continue reading

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