Eli taught me nothing is impossible

It was December 21, 1983 when the company I was with decided to purchase the “OPT System” I was to be trained as an Opt Analyst learning the OPT methodology, implementation, and the programming languages of OPT/SERVE/PROBE. We were the first to be trained from Canada.

I was told that OPT is a “little different”. So off I was sent to Mildfort, CT, USA for extensive training.

Eli, gave a inspiring and welcoming speech and told us that as Opt Analysts we are are going to be the best at what we do and that there is nothing that is impossible.

You could stay late as you wanted for training, and very, very late one night I was trying to figure out a very complicated analysis. I heard a noise in the hall and was surprised it was Eli. Well anyone who has been touched by Eli’s kindness and generosity knows what happened next. Eli insisted on helping me then and there.

I have never forgotten it.

Thank you Eli, for your vision, for your leadership, and for teaching all of us world wide that understand the OPT concepts… that we can do the impossible. But most important of all …. your kindness.

My sincere condolences and thoughts to all Family and Friends.

Marty Thomason, Pickering, Ontario, Canada

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