Never To Be Forgotten

I spent 6 years working with Eli in the UK and without doubt this time changed the entire direction of my life.

But I want to share one story, of the time Eli, Oded Cohen and I spent a day with a large UK engineering company – a memory that will stay with me very fondly forever.

We had set up a whole day of presentations and meetings, starting with a presentation by Eli of The Competitive Edge (later called The Race) to 35 MDs and Manufacturing Directors. It went fantastically well. Then we had a straight on meeting with the CFO. Not brilliant but good. Then lunch with the Board (7 of whom had all been to the same private school in the UK – this was very, very English). Aside from the clash of cultures (suits and ties versus open neck shirt, cigar and yamulka!), lunch was good.
Then the finale – a presentation of The Competitive Edge by Eli to The Board. I set up the acetates (long before Powerpoint), turned on the projector, introduced Eli, who then decided to turn it off again and pick an intellectual fight with the Chairman for an hour. Eli was rightly of the view that his company was, in every TOC way, inefficient. As one of the other directors said to me on the way out, “He is right, of course, but maybe there was a better way to say it!”

There was a ban on even mentioning Eli’s name for a month, but then 6 months later, we signed a deal and proved Eli’s point.

I will cetainly never forget the day or the drive home in Oded’s Volvo!

In my heart and mind always…

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