A Tribute to my ‘Master’

I am deeply saddened to hear about Eli’s passing away. Often in the past, we have used terms & phrases like ‘irreparable loss’ & ‘leaves behind a void that can’t be filled up’ etc – but, never before, have these phrases described a loss, as accurately & authentically as in Eli’s case.

That’s because Eli was truly unique – in his mental sharpness, in the trinity of energy-commitment- passion levels at which he operated, in his resonant, inspirational & crystal clear communication style.

Eli will be fondly remembered & revered for his momentous creation- TOC.

I still vividly remember that day, a decade back, when I got initiated into Eli’s World & to the World of TOC – I started on my TOC journey then, by investing in the set of 8 SLP CDs.

Ten years down the road, I can say with deep satisfaction that ‘constraint identification’ & ‘conflict resolution’ using the Evaporating Cloud technology, has become second nature to me – in dealing with the business problems that I undertake to solve as a management consultant & more importantly in dealing with my various ‘life issues & challenges’. On countless occasions, I have found myself expressing my deep sense of gratitude to Eli- each time I got unstuck & figured out my ‘next step[s]’ using the ‘Cloud’. Through TOC, Eli will continue to live for me & with me, all the way…..

In my life so far, I have been positively influenced by many luminaries in diverse fields of spirituality, management, life effectiveness etc. If someone was to ask me if I have ‘a Master’, ‘a Guru’, I would say ‘Yes, I have & that’s Eli Goldratt’.

God bless his soul & his creation TOC….

Deepak Sethi, India

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