Learning TOC through your GSPs……

Dear Eli
You will not believe me when I will tell you that when I came across your GSPs – my most favorite TOC learning tool….I went on watching them atleast 100 times..I was working as a GET-Graduate Engineering Trainee in one of the company. My office hours were morning 7 to 3.30 in the afternoon. After 3.30 I use to take some water & start watching your videos which the company bought from you. The day used to end by 9 in night – as I used to note down the points you were talking in GSPs and then I used to go to my Hostels.
This was my practice for entire year and I was implementing POOGI in that Company. I falled in love of the philosophy – methodology you were describing in GSPs.
Eli – you will not believe that I used to discuss all the concpets youy were telling in GSPs with my fiance who introduced me your book Goal.And we used to have huge difference of opinions on some of your concepts in sales. The concept was ” If the product is available then sales of company goes up” My fiance used to say that this is not possible. I used to explain him by practically experimenting it. But he still used to think that this is not the thing. Our discussion used to become really a late night discussion.

I thought atleast once in my life I will get some of your time to tell you all these real life stories about learning TOC concepts.

Thanks for all the knowledge and you are really genius………
If you are going to be there in new life ..can I please get your two hours of time?

With millions of Regards and deep love

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I am from Mumbai India.......... TOC Practitioner

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  1. mvunsharma

    …..what can I say? Absolutely a great thinker who showed the way for many of us.

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