Daily Archives: June 14, 2011

Great man. Thank you

Your simple and great ideas described in very useful way inspired a lot of us and let us hear better and see wider. You changed a lot unchangeable paradigms in both private and business areas. Thank you, Mariusz

An inspiration to all who knew him and anyone who knows his work. Evolution of Critical Chain Project Managment was key in my own professional work for Lockheed’s F-22 program and my academic pursuits. Hopefully, his theories, successes, brilliance and … Continue reading

A genius

I had the pleasure of meeting Eli once. Hearing him speak, I had the feeling I was in the presence of someone amazing. He managed to make everything seem so simple. What a loss ! All my sympathy to his … Continue reading

Giant left us….

…..yes, what to say more, than Eli was, and is a Giant. Giant of human thinking, Giant of logic, Giant in my heart. Eli changed my life, changed my way of thinking…. What is most important to me, from the … Continue reading

You left so much inspiration…thank you

I was so sorry to hear about passing away one of the greatest thinker – Eli Goldratt. His work inspired me. I use his methods and I’m sure that he was great man. The power of that kind of persons … Continue reading

A Meta para todos nós!

Quando li pela primeira vez o Livro A META, nos meus primórdios do meu background profissional, me senti tão especial e me encantou a maneira clara e precisa como o autor, Eli Goldratt, tratava os assuntos profissionais que me interessavam … Continue reading

A lit candle as a tribute.