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thank you and miss you

Thank you, and miss you forever.

Eli Goldratt, a brilliant contributor to making work and life better.

Thank you Eli for the many contributions. Theory of Constraints has changed how I view problems, systems, and the world. You have changed many lives for the better. What more can a person ask for in life? My personal tribute … Continue reading

So far, so close

I would like to say “thank you” and “see you later”. I am a drop in the TOC ocean since 1996 when Jaime Flores Sanhueza from Chile introduce me to THE GOAL. Since then I was catched by the wave, … Continue reading

The Greatest Giant

Ever since I discovered TOC in university, it struck me intensely, immediately recognizing a simple, but one of the greatest ideas I´ve ever read. Ever since then, I have tried to implement his ideas, both in my personal and my … Continue reading

My Sincere Thanks to you Eli !

Your unique Contribution to the way we can think and can deal with conflicts and constraints has helped so many of us … so many times … Simply Thanks !!!

In Memorium

A cold shadow fell across my heart on hearing of the passing of Eli Goldratt. For a moment it was as if the sun itself had been extinguished, and that the light Eli carried and shared with us was gone. … Continue reading

Bye Ely

I discovered your thought only 2 years ago and to my great regret I didn’t have the chance to meet you. Thanks for all your precious work Ely!! Ferdinando

The Genius is eternal.

All of my sympathy to Eli’s Family.

Changed for good

I have been a TOC/CCPM practioner since 2003. I had the great fortune of attending the Jonah Program at the Avraham Y. Goldratt Institute in Connecticut. Although Dr. Goldratt had moved on, his presence was still there in the people … Continue reading

all my simpathy to the Goldratt Family

I am deeply sad about Eli leaving us. I had the great pleasure to meet him in Cancun Mexico a couple of years ago before that I read every book from Him and that changed the way I see a … Continue reading