TOC Learning Network – Henry Soo of AEP15 from Hong Kong, China

I have never been good at writing in cards, but I don’t want that to keep me from letting you know the deep sympathy I feel for you at this time.

Eli, you make my career life brilliant and foster my thinking into TOC way for daily life !

I will never forget your nice opportunity in my AEP15 learning from Goldratt Schools. I will continue to contribute my TOC knowledge for the benefits of society in win-win situation.

When I get the sad news, the following pictures are coming up in my memories:-

VVOE in Shenzhen with nice to talk with you

My first China success project case presentation 2008 in Las Vegas.

First China Success Story in TOCICO 2008

First China Success Story in TOCICO 2008

My client’s keynote for second China success project presentation 2009 in Japan

My 2nd China success TOC project in Keynote for TOCICO 2009 Japan

TOC Club (TOC Learning Network) formation as requested by you in Miami CCPM workshop. Now, it is running around Asia Pacific, including Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Singapore…..etc. unstoppable !

We will continue the TOC knowledge dissemination and put the theory into actions ! A lot of TOC success stories from us are coming and unstoppable !

My condolances

Henry Soo
AEP15 of Goldratt Schools
from Hong Kong, China
TOC Learning Network

About henrysoo

I am experienced in business management and project coaching from small to large enterprises over 15 years. Putting the theory into actions with result is my personal goal. During past project experience, the mixture of strong soft skills and technical knowledge in delivering the project is one of critical success factors. In order to deliver the tangible and measurable project result, I am integrating different methodologies in change process for people, system and technology. I am specialized in the scientific approaches from classification, correlation and cause-and-effect, which can help people to think more logically in understanding the core problem. Solution for real core problem instead of fixing symptoms again and again is desirable situation in any enterprises. I can make use of the combined knowledge and skills in different stage of project to put the undesirable situation into desirable situation with measurable result. My ultimate goal is helping our customers to succeed. Specialties To achieve due-date performance 100% for over consecutive 600 days To reduce production lead time 65% from baseline performance To reduce WIP 70% from original baseline level To increase Throughput 51% To increase Net Profit 57% within 8 months Solution for Profits is to multiply your net profit level !
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