Daily Archives: June 12, 2011

Admiration, Respect and Greatfulness

Eli: I know you are there, I will always admire what you did for all of us, I will always respect your inteligence and talent and I will never stop beeing greatful to you for all you did for me. … Continue reading

In Honour of a Great Leader

Dear Dr Eli, I never had the opportunity to meet you in person like many others have done. As a matter of fact, I got to know about you, last year, when I spent an evening at a friend’s, whose … Continue reading

How can this be a win-win?

Yes, humanity has lost your brilliance, your visionary genius. We will no longer have you to point the way. We’ll not again enjoy your charming smile nor your thunderous revelations. But I know I’ll never stop applying your teachings and … Continue reading

A vision shared is a life well spent

Every now and then, a person is born into this world whose life seems to not belong to them, but rather to the rest of the world, as it is their task to make it possible for a vision to … Continue reading

The Teacher has left us on ascension

The Teacher has left us on ascension. Always unexpectedly. He transmitted all to all of us.

Why Dr.Goldratt? It’s mistake of the angel of death

Why my Greatest Teacher Dr. Goldratt did not read my letter to him on the night of his death My message still pending, who will understand it today I have wake up the morning and read news of your death … Continue reading

His legacy will last forever…

What a great loss for humanity. His ideas impacted millions and will continue to help transforming our world into a better place. I am thankful for having met him; initially through his book “the Goal” and then through ToCfe and … Continue reading

TOC -Its only the way of life for me

Dear Eli I was just planning to me you and once wanted to meeet you. But I do not know God has not given me chance to do so. And also my wish to work with will remain unfulfilled for … Continue reading

Eli – You said “Follow TOC and I will live forever”

Dearest Eli, You said “Follow TOC and I will live forever” We will follow TOC, we will teach TOC, we will try to improve lives of people by teaching them TOC, we will do whatever it takes to follow TOC, … Continue reading

Gods in heaven were waiting very eagerly to hear about and implement TOC. Your work here on earth is on going and will start now in heaven. You have provided peaceful nights to so many in all walks of industries, … Continue reading