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Mary Ellen Bourbeau

Dear Eli, My life was truly blessed when I was first introduced to TOC and you. What an incredible opportunity to learn from you. I can honestly say that my life as an educator and counselor found a new direction … Continue reading

Saludo de Guatemala

Dear Dr. Goldratt Dr, Victor Navarijo greets from Guatemala, I am very grateful to you because I had the opportunity to develop as a separate consultant. Environmental consultants who do not know of TOC, develop their work by business rules … Continue reading

You did improve thousends of companies!

Dear Mr. Goldratt, nearly 20 years ago I read your first milestone book “The Goal”. I was impressed because I imediately could understand the message and the power that was given to me by your concept . At that time … Continue reading

Strength should not be the constraint

Dear Eli, I first knew TOC as a manufacturing philosophy that helped improve efficiency and throughput. Once I was formally trained at Cartmont I discovered how wider, wiser and useful is TOC in many aspects of the life, not only … Continue reading

אלי יקר,   זה כמה חודשים שאני מנסה לפנות זמן של מחשבה צלולה לשבת ולכתוב לך מכתב תודה. אני מניחה שלא בטוח שיגיע זמן כזה (יש לי שתי ילדות קטנות בבית) ולכן כדאי לי לשבת עכשיו, עם צעקות השמחה והפטפטת … Continue reading

All the best for you from Chile

Dear Eli, we haven’t met jet personally, but after seeing all your videos I feel that we have met many times. My name is Andreas, a german living in Chile for many years and I’m one of your TOC experts … Continue reading

With admiration and love

Dear Eli I continued to teach TOC in the Universities of Medellin, from 2006 until today, I am proud to do so, especially when I look in the faces of the students the joy of seeing that TOC gives them … Continue reading

My prayers are with you

Dear Eli, I read the GOAL in 1988 and it made a major impact on my career and life. I have since read many of your books and listened to you via the internet. You are the most influential and … Continue reading

Happyness for a big country

Dear mr. Goldratt! I` d like to tell U how because of U and TOC the life of the whole coutry and it`s sitizenz can become much…MUCH better! I` ve learned about TOC some years ago. About a year ago … Continue reading

Get well soon. Your teachings have led to the transformation of the recycling industry across North America with the creation of minMRF LLC. Open file to understand why.

After becoming a Jonah in 2004, I applied TOC thinking to investigate ways of capturing the cans being landfilled across the USA for the current situation is such a complex supply chain and Novelis has invested in a company to … Continue reading