Daily Archives: June 9, 2011

Thank you for a wonderful gift

Dear Eli, I recently completed an S&T Analysis with the leadership team of a small company. As I was heading home, it occurred to me that the magnitude of YOUR impact is constantly being amplified through OUR interactions and impact … Continue reading

May God Heal You just effectively as you healed Zycon

Just heard you are ill. Obviously I will keep you in my prayers. You had such a profound impact on my life, both personal and professional, and I admire you more than most people I know. I hope you are … Continue reading

Get Well!!!

Dear Eli: We need you. All the organizations need your theory. Your family need you. Get Well!!!

At your side.

Dear Eli, I have just been informed about your health problems and I’d like to express my sincere support and closeness to you. Sometimes I have wondered why I consider you as a close friend, even if we do not … Continue reading

TOC has transformed me

Dr. Goldratt: Your tireless efforts to promote TOC have made a difference in the business world. The clarity and direction of TOC thinking has provided me with a philosophy that has transformed my company. Please accept my best wishes for … Continue reading