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You have to recover to receive the Nobel Prize

Dear Eli: We wish you the very best and I am looking forward to see you soon recovered. You have to recover to receive the “Nobel Price in Economics” for teaching the world to think You Know how important you … Continue reading


This little diagram that I have created tells the story of TOC for me. Life is full of trials and tribulations. If you have the power to overcome them, life is challenging and satisfying. That leads to satisfaction. If you … Continue reading

Mr. Goldratt

I hope the hand of God touch your life in this moment very hard for you and your family. That our God of mercy put his hand in your body, soul and spirit and He show you their purpose in … Continue reading

Thank You

My name is Bill Best and you will remember me as the person that worked with Realization Technologies and the University of Tennessee to implement Critical Chain on the U.S. Air Force C-5 repair operations line. The huge success we … Continue reading

Good Morning Eli!

I have been fortunate enough to get introduced to your teachings. It has given me great satisfaction and growth both in terms of personal and professional. Meeting you personally was a siginificant event in my life. Your clarity of thoughts, … Continue reading

Thanks and wishes

Dear Mr. Goldratt, I’m the MD of a medium/small italian company. We are managing the introduction of the TOC in our organization. My collaborators and myself, we are very excited in reaching the goals we have identified and we are … Continue reading

Awakening my inner logical self.

Eli, The fog of confusion and frustration has been lifted in my life because I continue to listen, to learn and encourage others to find the assumptions that prevent resolution. For me, breaking the first constraint was an individual awakening. … Continue reading

Since 1986 or 1987? not sure exactly…

Eli… my, my, my … what a journey we have both experienced… I am so saddened that you have a special burden right now and of course I join all of those that have posted, in my wishes for your … Continue reading

Dear Eli,

I was introduced to TOC by my wife Dea, who works for you, and have since become very passionate about it. Although I am only at the very beginning of my TOC journey, I fully plan to integrate it into … Continue reading

To Eli a Story

I often compare my TOC experience with the story of Harry Potter. In a way, I believe I have been introduced to the TOC world the same way Harry was to world of magic. Just like Harry, there was great … Continue reading