Daily Archives: June 5, 2011

Eli, I wish you the best ….. we need you teaching, guiding and inspiring…


This little diagram that I have created tells the storyof TOC for me. Problem & Inability to resolve -> Frustration-> Anger or withdrawal Problem & Ability to resove -> Solution ->Relief and Satisfaction Life is full of trials and tribulations. … Continue reading

May everything be OK!

Dear Dr. Eli Goldratt, I am writing to wish you the soonest recovery and energy for further inventions. Your ideas and technologies inspire me. I think they are the most rational and helpful instruments for company management. Your book ‘The … Continue reading

What can I say

Dear Eli, I’m sorry to hear that you are (not just) ill. I hope that you will be well soon, it must be; you are a survivor. When I look back on what the past 10 years have brought me … Continue reading

To Sir With Love From Malaysia

Dearest Eli, It is amazing to look back and know that it has been a good 10 years since we have met and I was introduced to TOC. It has changed my world in such an awesome manner and the … Continue reading