Daily Archives: June 4, 2011

Common sense, but no common practice

Dear Eli, One of the most inspiring weeks in my life was the Fundamentals workshop last year July in the Goldratt House. Not only because of the valuable content, but specially by your unplanned visits to the ‘classroom’ and the … Continue reading

Atlanta, GA in the year 2000

Hi Eli, along with this note, I’m sending all my best wishes for your speedy recovery. In 2000, I remember being very excited about being invited to the Atlanta Upgrade (the one at the IBM facilities). Somehow, I managed to … Continue reading

Where i am is because of you and where i will be,it will be because of you!

Dear Eli, Both me and my wife got hand on The Goal in 2005 and the whole world has changed since then. Post Goal, life started becoming clearer both at work and at home. I loved the way things started … Continue reading

To Eli, my mentor in management as a scientific discipline, my warmest wishes for a full and quick recovery. With deep appreciation, Gideon Frank

Get Well soon

Dear Eli, Wishing you a speedy recovery. Dr. Eric De Smet AGI

Newton Of Industry

Dear Dr. Goldratt: During your presentation in Costa Rica, about 10 years ago, I had the chance of asking you a very personal question: “What is your dream?”. After some 3 seconds, you replied back: “To be recognized in Industry … Continue reading

A message from an aprentice

Dear Eli, “I hope you enjoy this note, if not, please know that I enjoyed a lot while thinking in you, my common sense master, my Sensei” Since very early in my life (8 years old) I received some presents … Continue reading