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A Tribute To Eli Goldratt

Dr Eliyahu M. Goldratt is my hero !! He changed my life, my families life and my customers lives. Dr Alan Barnard introduced me to the Goldratt teaching and philosophy over ten years ago. I met Eli at various workshops … Continue reading

Eli taught me nothing is impossible

It was December 21, 1983 when the company I was with decided to purchase the “OPT System” I was to be trained as an Opt Analyst learning the OPT methodology, implementation, and the programming languages of OPT/SERVE/PROBE. We were the … Continue reading

Never To Be Forgotten

I spent 6 years working with Eli in the UK and without doubt this time changed the entire direction of my life. But I want to share one story, of the time Eli, Oded Cohen and I spent a day … Continue reading

One of a kind

Eli, a man who changed my life for the better. Thank you, rest in peace.

A Remembrance of Eli

Eli Goldratt’s passing is a terribly sad thing for me and for the thousands of people he impacted directly, and the millions who will ultimately benefit from his life’s work. Over the last 25 years I have had the great … Continue reading

Saddened by the loss

Thankyou for sharing your theories, thoughts and aspirations on improving business and indeed the world. Your books influenced me and so many around me at work. Your legacy will be the millions of people around the world that will continue … Continue reading

Rest in peace

I was introduced to TOC through education, helped develop and produce the software program and then took TOC into my life and taught it to my son. I still teach it today helping kids learn easier and better. I am … Continue reading


I approached TOC after I read the book of <The Goal> written by Doc. Eligoldratt. It is much helpful for my work. This theory is useful in our day to day manufactory management. Appreciations!

I pray for those whose Dad is no longer on earth but with the Heavenly Father. I pray particularly for Rami and Efrat Goldratt and their siblings on this first Father’s Day without the physical presence of their dear Abba. … Continue reading

Eli and his influence on the efforst for Scottish Independence

Eli’s teachings and philosophy have touched all corners of the globe, and helped all kinds of issues and matters, from business to the philosophical. His processes have been used to great effect to meet the challenges and opportunities that face … Continue reading