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Message to Dr Goldratt

You showed me how to think for myself and gave me the confidence and courage to do it especially when the product of that thinking was (quite often) unpopular. I wish you the very best and a swift recovery Steve

Get Well Soon

Hi Eli, I met you only a couple of times but your work has been a great influence in my career. I came to know about your illness a few days back and am sad to see that confirmed in … Continue reading

Best memory

Eli, I will say prayers for you for a speedy recovery. I have been a Jonah for many years and you have provided me great insight at the old satellite program, the Jonah Upgrades and, of course, through your books. … Continue reading

We all wish you a speedy recovery…

Dear Eli, In China, from time to time I recall the moment meeting with you in the spring this year. I really hope to see you soon. All my friends and I together for you come on! Chen Wei-Ming Former … Continue reading

Get well soon

Eli Goldratt san Best wishes for your fast recovery . I am very much inspired by your various books . “The Goal” has been my first inspiration and continues to be. What is similarity between business and life , the … Continue reading

Sridhar from Lucas

Hi, I am Sridhar from Lucas Indian Service Ltd. Very recently we have started working with GC on implementing TOC. I have been reading Eli Goldratt’s books “The Goal” and “Isn’t It Obvious”. I have gone through lot of video … Continue reading

Dear Eli, It has been a little over 13 years when I first met with you at Atlanta where you were teaching us on facilitating GSP . The 5 days spent with you at Atlanta were the most educative 5 … Continue reading

Leading a More Fulfilling Life – Thanks To You

Dear Eli, I was going to write you a nice note, but given how many hours of video I’ve watched of you, I thought it only fitting that I should record a short video note instead (Note: once you click … Continue reading

A message with a lot of love

So I can have a smile from you … Love Ana Maria Conde

Contribution of Mr. Goldratt to Brazil

057_Artur H. Moellmann_release Dear Mr. Ely Goldratt, We are grateful for the knowledge and learning that you provide to our companies and universities here in Brazil. In 2001 we were some of the pioneers responsible for the implementation of Critical … Continue reading